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Reviewer Bob Medak (www.allbooksreviews.com) awards a four star rating to “Boomer Boys.” It is a good read and a nostalgic look back at the two decades following WWII. The author, Paul Buchheit has backed up his recollections with well-documented research. Highly Recommended


Boomer Boys will bring back long-forgotten memories of watching Captain Kangaroo, playing records, and getting your first transistor radio. The style of breakaways from historical descriptions to Mr. Buchheit’s personal experiences throughout the book is refreshing.

“The book will also fill in the gaps of what was going on culturally during our years of innocence — shining new light on an upheaval in society that was exploding all around us, when we didn’t even know it.”

— Kevin J. Banet, business blogger, www.SpunkyBiz.com