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Chapter 2 - The Unique Culture of the 50s

Chapter 2: Men and Women

In the Suburbs 1957
Suburban life was a new concept back then

Women can be good employees, if they're dressed right

A husband shouldn't have to do dishes..

A little dabble dooya

Gillette Razors (..1948_2, _3, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8)
With Brooklyn Dodgers

Bobbi Pin-Curl Permanent
If you can make a simple pin curl..

Chapter 2: Kids

Remco DriveIn; Mattel Blaze, Barbie, Cap Pistol, Chatty Cathy; Hasbro Mr. Potato Head; Navy Frog Men; Marx Great Garloo

Chapter 2: Housekeeping

50s washing
Memories of a 50s Washing Day

With the blue magic whitener

Ajax I
"The foaming cleanser.."

Ajax II
With the "stronger than dirt" white knight

Spic and Span
Cleaning in a June Cleaver dress

GE Fridge
With a separate freezer section!

Chapter 3 - The Military: Dangerous Times

Walter Winchell
How We Got Our News in the 50s

Nuclear Attack Survival
How to Prepare for an Atomic Bomb: Shampooing Out the Radioactivity

Nuke Tests 1955
This is an atomic bomb. A hydrogen bomb is 1000 times more powerful.

Nuke: Fear Itself
Fear of homosexuals, communists, poverty, and everything Godless and un-American

Duck and Cover
Bert the Turtle and 50s bomb paranoia

United Fruit
United Fruit Co. propaganda

Chapter 4 - Automobiles: Start of a Love Affair

Interstate Highway Propaganda
Little wonder our gasoline consumption skyrocketed

1954 DeSoto
The first SUV?

1955 Chevy
Didn't they have seat belts back then?

1955 Dodge (..1948_2, _3, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8)
On the assembly line

1956 Chevy
Power and performance in this '56 creampuff

1957 DeSoto
Big tailfins

Edsel: endorsed by Sinatra and Crosby
An endorsement for a 'great car'

1958 Edsel
It DOES look like a mouth sucking a lemon

1959 Chevy (..1948_2, _3, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8)
Subliminally, from Dinah Shore and Pat Boone

Corvair 1960
Unsafe at any speed? Not according to this..

Hertz Commercial
Couple land in a Hertz car

Chapter 5 - Television Takes Over

Chapter 5: Adults

Frank Sinatra
A young and energetic and not-too-funny Frank


Home (Arlene Francis)
Housewife-focused talk show

Most of all, I remember Mama

Soap Opera: The Guiding Light
Hasn't changed much in 60 years

Does he have to crash through the wall?

Captain Video and His Video Rangers
With fifties-style special effects

Flash Gordon
Flash goes faster than the speed of light

Florence Henderson
A young Flo on the Eddie Fisher Show

Network IDs
ABC, CBS, NBC, and DuMont

Chapter 5: Kids

Howdy Doody
With Clarabelle, Dilly Dally, Flub-a-Dub, Princess SummerFallWinterSpring

Ding Dong School
Miss Francis calms down the kids

Winky Dink
Who needs a kit? Just get some crayons..

Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney
With Knucklehead Smiff -- shifty little puppets

Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl

Cinnamon Bear
The old radio sound that was used for the 50s TV show

Chapter 5: Funny Shows

Johnny Carson: Carson's Cellar
Carson's rough start

Honeymooners 1951 (different Alice)
With Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Joyce Randolph, and...Pert Kelton?

Ozzie & Harriet
Uh, Rick. Uh, Dave.

Ed Wynn with 3 Stooges
Slapstick with the older Stooges

Stu Erwin
Racial stereotypes

Pinky Lee
A little odd

Eve Arden
Early Aunt Bee

You Bet Your Life

Chapter 5: Quiz Shows

I've Got a Secret
Classy TV? A roller-skating horse, and Winston commercials

What's My Line
So Bennett Cerf DID peek..

Beat the Clock
Early embarrassing TV

Price Is Right
Old format. Same old problem: next person just bids $5 more. (But don't freeze then!)

You Asked For It
A couple of interesting requests

Queen for a Day
The ultimate sob show

Chapter 5: Movies

Day the Earth Stood Still
A classic

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Another classic

The Blob
A non-classic

Attack of the Giant Leeches
Stay away from the swamp

Movie Intermission (Let's all go to the lobbY)
Let's all go to the lobby..

Chapter 6 - Bad Habits: Eating, Drinking, Smoking

Chapter 6: Cereal

Sugar Smacks I
Eat it like candy

Sugar Smacks II
With Superman

"I want my Maypo!"

Kix (Ding Dong School)
Kix is for schoolkids

Rice Krispies, with Howdy Doody
Howdy Doody and Snap, Krackle, and Pop

Chapter 6: Other Food

Mike Wallace stars

Racial presentation

Lipton Soup (..1948_2, _3, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8)
With Arthur Godfrey

Emily Post
What to do with those cigarette butts at a fancy dinner

Chapter 6: Drinks

Bosco, Ovaltine, Tang
Tasty treats all

Mrs. Olsen saves a marriage

Hamms Beer (..1948_2, _3, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8)
With the Hamms Bear, in the Land of Sky-Blue Waters

Coca Cola
As few calories as half a grapefruit?

Chapter 6: Candy

Turkish Taffy, Chunky, Doublemint Gum
Old favorites, treats and commercials

Chapter 6: Toothpaste

With Bucky Beaver

Pepsodent (..1948_2, _3, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8)
You'll wonder where the yellow went..

Chapter 6: Cigarettes

Lucky Strike
Light up a Lucky (LSMFT)

Old Gold
Leggy dancers

Chesterfields (The Perry Como Show)
Chesterfields: "entirely safe"

Kool History
A Brief History of the 50s ... Through the Smoky Haze of a Kool

Winston I
Tastes good like a cigarette should

Winston II (..1948_2, _3, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8)
Same thing, in whistle

Chapter 7 - Entertainment: Music, Comics, Sports

Chapter 7: Rhythm & Blues

Revue: Cab Calloway, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Martha Davis, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan
Black rhythm & blues in the 50s

Fats Domino
Blueberry Hill

LaVern Baker, Moonglows
Legendary disk jockey Alan Freed introduces blues-based rock and roll acts

Chapter 7: Rock

Elvis (images from
Audio and images (announcer says 'Heartbreak Motel')

Big Joe Turner
Rock-oriented rhythm & blues in the 50s

Chuck Berry, Frankie Lymon, Flamingos
Legendary disk jockey Alan Freed introduces early rock and roll acts

Bill Haley & the Comets
Rock Around the Clock, with some cute dancers

Charlie Grace

Chapter 7: Hit Parade

Snooky Lanson: Mr. Sandman
Great song, but Snooky in a nightgown?

Snooky: Heartbreak Hotel
It ain't Elvis

Gisele MacKenzie: Count Your Blessings
Sweet memory for the Boomer Boy family

Hit Parade Dancers: Blue Skies
The Hit Parade Dancers

Hit Parade 1953, with Lucky Strike commercials
Snooky, Dorothy, Russell, and June (later to be replaced by Gisele)

Hit Parade 1955 with classic songs
Racist "Moments To Remember"

Chapter 7: Sports

Baseball 1950
1950 World Series: Yankees and Phillies

World Series 1959
1959 World Series: White Sox and Dodgers

Big sport in the 50s

50s Whimsy
From the Frank Sinatra Show

Chapter 8 - Losing Our Religion

Marriage counseling, 50s style

Moral Decay: Fear Itself
Deliver us from pornography

Movie: Baby Doll
This would seem tame now

Chapter 9 - Civil Rights: The Beginning

Who's Bruce Jones? Black? Gay? Eddie Haskell's brother?

Emmett Till
A turning point for civil rights: 1955 in Money, Mississippi

Civil Rights 1960: Integration
A look at the civil rights movement in 1960

Martin Luther King
A great speaker

Chapter 10 - Economics: Prosperity for Many

Miss Stella Pajunas types 140 words per minute

Univac (Remington Rand)
2,000 calculations per second!

Vacuum tubes and magnetic tape

Inequality 1955
God is a capitalist.

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